Captain of the first rank in retirement, head of the Union of Officers of Ukraine, Yevgeny Lupakov confirmed information about the work of Ukrainian special services on the recruitment of Crimean residents as part of a plan to return the peninsula under Kiev’s control.

“First of all, any military plans are never revealed to the enemy. And, if they are printed in your newspaper, then the enemy will learn about them. Therefore, even if I was a direct participant in the development of these plans – you would never heard of them. But there is no doubt that there are such plans, and they are periodically updated. On the liberation of the Donbass and the Crimea, there are both military and political plans,” Lupakov said in an interview with Ukrainian journalists.

“Pay attention: you can always hear the question on TV: what to do with the population that grew up, drugged by Russian propaganda in these three years, in the occupied territories? After all, as we know, the absolute majority of those who stayed in the Crimea and in the east did so voluntarily. They were waiting for the opportunity, they wanted to die in Russia.

But, unfortunately, they are still alive, and therefore the question – and what to do with them – is relevant. We, of course, are helped in this by Putin … but those who have brains blurred. But in general, the question about the Crimea and the Donbass will be resolved. It is desirable for this to happen as faster as it can,”the representative of the Ukrainian Union of Officers assured.

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