Dmitry Rodionov, political expert, special for News Front:

“The law passed by the House of Representatives with almost one hundred percent probability will be adopted by the Senate and signed by the President. The latter simply has nowhere to go – with such support for the law in parliament. Trump, as he could, scratched for himself indulgence, but it turned out not very – in fact, the law is the most radical anti-Russian act, which was not even in the time of Obama.

Sanctions with direct text are directed against Nord Stream-2. There is also an oil company connected. Discontent is expressed not only by Europeans, whose energy security this law undermines, but also by American oil giants such as Exxon Mobile who lose money from being unable to work with Russia.

By the way, it is significant that against this background there were rumors about the possible resignation from his post of Secretary of State and ex-head EM Rex Tillerson. The point here, of course, is not only in Russia, but this too. He just is not allowed to work. A formal excuse is Tillerson’s inability to influence appointments in his own department, to control it. And this is a very serious signal to Trump.

He is gradually abandoned by people who could work constructively, and seek ways to restore relations with Russia. In their place, “hawks” come ready to act even in spite of business interests of America itself in the Russophobic frenzy. In these conditions, Trump can start to lose his support of those who continue to support him, despite everything. The armchair under it can stagger very seriously.”

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