Russian Senate Mulls Limiting Cooperation With Poland

The Russian Senate is considering the limitation of cooperation with Warsaw over the Polish law requiring the removal of Soviet monuments from the country’s territory.

The Russian upper house of parliament adopted a declaration Tuesday proposing President Vladimir Putin to limit cooperation with Poland in response to Warsaw’s law on the removal of Soviet wartime monuments.

“[Federation Council senators request to instruct specialized agencies] to submit comprehensive proposals on the possible introduction of restrictive measures in the areas of bilateral cooperation with the Republic of Poland,” the declaration states.

On July 17, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into law a bill prohibiting “Communist propaganda” that would regulate the demolition of almost 500 Soviet-era monuments throughout the country. The law takes effect three months after being signed.

The Federation Council declaration additionally proposes to impose restrictions on specific Polish lawmakers who co-authored the Communist propaganda law, as well as other individuals and legal entities.

Following the bill’s approval, the Russian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned Poland’s actions. On July 19, the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, adopted an appeal to European lawmakers in connection with Poland’s decision to demolish Soviet-era monuments in the country.


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