The news that Turkey is about to buy from Russia C-400 anti-aircraft systems is not true, according to the president of the US Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, UAWire quoted by FOCUS .

According to Dunford, the US pays great attention to its relations with Turkey. “I have been in Turkey 12 times only this year,” he said. General stressed that relations with Turkey are “critical” for the United States, although the two sides have misunderstandings about the course of the military campaign in Syria. Despite the protests in Ankara, the United States supports the Kurdish formations in their struggle against jihadists, Dunford said.

Asked about the purchase of the C-400 missile complex by Turkey, Dunford said this information was untrue. “These speculation in the media is false. Turkey has not bought the C-400 system from Russia, but if that happens, we will have cause for concern.”

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