I will operate only on facts and information with accurate data from our informed source in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, its motive to convey such information to us is purely self-serving. Consider this as our investigative journalism.

In the city of Izyum, Kharkov region, the boarding house at Prospekt Nezalezhnosti 89 is a center for training of saboteurs. Teenagers and young men from 16 to 24 years old are orphans, from unsuccessful families, drug addicts and alcoholics …

The first graduates from this institution, specialists of a profile such as terrorist acts of sabotage, was in March. 12 young men under 16, 3 girls under 16 and 6 guys under 24.

New “cadets” from Kuryazhskaya colony for minors No. 210 (located in the village Podvorki, Dergachevsky district, Kharkov region) came to replace the “graduates”.

Professional psychologists work with teenagers, including Russians (Gorin, one citizen of the Russian Federation is known for certain), work on the psychological impact technique developed by the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical Psychology, and psychotropic methods developed by the Nikolaev Psychiatric Center. The work of psychologists is supervised by a doctor – a psychiatrist from the United States, David Borihendel.

Among the workers are also “active” citizens of Ukraine – Alexander Seleznev, who has a network of clinics for the treatment of alcohol addiction in Ukraine, as well as Alexey Saprykin, a specialist in the treatment of drug addiction.

In addition to psychological treatment, specialists in military applied disciplines from among the instructors of the Armed Forces, as well as teachers of the lyceum of enhanced military training “Patriot” (Kharkiv, 13, Gorkogo street) work with the youth. Teenagers, are taught classes on subversive matters, how to handle weapons, and girls are taught of the art of seduction, as well as the use of psychotropic drugs.

Psychotropic drugs for use and consumption are supplied from Nikolaev, where the laboratory under the supervision of specialists from the United States  is located.

Terrorists are trained to be sent to foreign territories, including Russia. The next group is prepared to enter the DPR, routes have already been developed for entering from the so-called “Elena direction” (Elenovka village, Volnovakhsky district, 13 km south-west of Donetsk).

The command in the ATO zone has developed a mechanism for the legalization of these adolescents in the gray zone or through family-type homes, or by registering in a housing stock destroyed by the war, which allows them to enter through the checkpoints on the territory of the republics without undue suspicion.

I have described only facts and specifics in which I am 100% sure and convinced that the creation of a terrorist network by the Ukrainian authorities does not fit in with the Minsk Agreements at all, with the European principles of tolerance, with either humanism or the desire to end the war. I think that Ukraine thereby once again confirms its state policy of terrorism …

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