Ukrainian units over the past day 45 times violated the ceasefire.

“The Ukrainian side continues to violate the truce.

In Donetsk direction, the enemy in fourteen settlements and adjacent areas used SIX artillery shells calibre 122 mm, THIRTY-NINE mines calibre 120 mm and THIRTEEN mines calibre 82 mm.

On the Gorlovsky direction, the area of ​​Zaitsevo settlement was attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The enemy actively used grenade launchers and small arms.

In Mariupol direction, in areas of FIVE populated areas, the enemy fired EIGHT tank shells, SIX mines with a calibre of 120 mm, in addition, grenade launchers and small arms were actively used.

Recently, cases of use by Ukrainian militants of illuminating mines with a caliber of 120 mm with the installation of a fuse in such a way that the ignition of the torch occurs at low altitudes are being recorded more often, as a result of which the main time of its burning takes place on the ground.

Used in this way, lighting mines, virgin as incendiary. As an example – yesterday’s bombardment of the settlement. Kominternovo by order of a war criminal commander 59 Ospichuk. As a result of falling illuminating mines, the apartment building at the address of Akhmatova Street, 20.

In total, for the past day, Forty-FIVE violations of the cease-fire regime by the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been recorded.

Our intelligence continues to record the concentration of arms prohibited by the Minsk accords along the line of contact. So, in the vicinity of the settlement of UGLEDAR, the arrival of TEN tanks 92 ombr.

In the units of the Armed Forces, performing tasks in the zone of the so-called “ATO” (Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine), cases of refusal of subordinates to carry out the criminal orders of their commanders have become frequent. Thus, the commander of one of the 28th battalion battalions, Lieutenant-Colonel ZAGLINSKY, was in a state of strong intoxication, decided to entertain himself and gave orders to fire at the residential quarters of Dokuchaevsk, but his subordinates refused to become accomplices in this crime. In punishment, Zaglinsky, furious, beat his deputy and two other officers.

This fact shows that more and more Ukrainian servicemen do not want to kill peaceful people for the sake of the interests of Kiev oligarchs and inspire hope for the beginning “sobering up” of the deceived people of Ukraine! “

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