A handful of Trump supporters gathered at the coast in Huntington Beach, California, on Saturday to demonstrate their support for the US President’s plan to build a wall at the Mexican border.

SOT, Aubrey Lamere, Trump supporter (English): “Take America back, make it great again. These illegals come here illegally. We have no problem with you coming here legally but when you come here illegally and you get welfare and you get Medicare and you get food stamps, we’re not here to support you. You overcrowd our schools: enough. Build that wall Mr. President. I’ll lay down that first brick. I was born and raised here in California and I’ve seen it be destroyed by people like Governor Brown. You know what Governor Brown? You’re an SOB. You know what SOB in my book stands for? Build that wall.”

SOT, Richardo Benitez , Trump supporter (English): “We need to stop those people who come here to make damages to this beautiful country . We need to stop the [INAUDIBLE] to come into this country. We need to stop those people who create crimes in this country. We don’t need those people we need good people like you guys to work in this country and make this country great again.”

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