To admire the show in the sky, as well as to inspect the equipment on the ground in the Moscow region of Zhukovsky gathered a huge number of people. Many came from whole families.

Beauty, from which the head is spinning. People lay their cameras and look at the sky. Today in the flight program all aerobatic teams participate, first of all – helicopters.

The largest manufacturer – the company “Helicopters of Russia” presented its best models. Mi-28N – night hunter, due to the night vision station in the dark can find and hit any targets. The favorite of the public is a black shark with incredible aerobatics figures. And this is a completely unique aerobatic team “the first flight”, actually heavenly acrobats.

All pilots are active athletes. Sport is called – aerobatics, from which the heart stops, visitors say.

On the penultimate day of the air show Max-2017 on Saturday, the planes filled the sky with flowers, red, blue and green over the airport in Ramenskoye, in the Moscow region.

The International Aviation and Space Salon Max-2017 takes place from 18 to 23 July, at an exhibition of the latest aerospace and defense technologies from companies representing 30 countries, as well as demonstration performances from the team, acrobatic.

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