The protest action against the ban on the adoption of children by same-sex couples, held in the evening of July 20 in Tel Aviv, ended in skirmishes with the police.

After the rally, which was held near the building of “Kiryat Memshal”, the police asked its participants to disperse. However, some of the protesters remained standing in the square, and dozens more of the demonstrators took to the carriageway of Kaplan Street, blocking the traffic.

The action of the demonstrators was regarded by the police as a violation of public order.

The press service of law enforcement agencies reported on the detention of six participants in the riots. The detainees were taken to the police station.

The press service of the police through the media issued the following statement: “The Israeli police respects the right of citizens to freedom of speech and assembly, but will not tolerate violations of public order and the law.”

According to media reports, about 10,000 Israelis took part in today’s protest.

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