Scores marched through the streets of Kiev, Thursday, to mark the one-year anniversary of the murder of the prominent journalist and political analyst Pavel Sheremet.

The participants gathered at the crossroads of Ivan Franko and Bogdan Khmelnitsky streets, in downtown Kiev, where the journalist was murdered. Banners reading “Who killed Pavel?” filled the streets, as demonstators demanded those responsible to be found and brought to justice. 

SOT, Sevgil Musaeva-Borovik, Editor-in-chief of the online newspaper “Ukrainskaya Pravda” (Ukrainian):
“We want to say that if not with this president, if not with this head of the national police, if not with this minister of internal affairs, but sooner or later the killers, the perpetrators of this terrible crime against journalism, against humanity, against our colleague, against journalists of the ‘Ukrainskaya Pravda’ – they will be found. And with this march we want to show that we haven’t forgotten and that we remember.”

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