Poland safely forgot about close partnership and alliance with Ukraine and proceeds to the last stage of the Maidan epic, as planned long before the coup.

Many Ukrainian politicians understand this perfectly and are trying to pull the time, and their “talking heads” on TV (that is, political scientists, who have divorced just a myriad of people) are carefully preparing the public for new realities. And they try to arrange a return to the period of golden age of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, at least as a semblance of the promised “help”.

Political scientist Dmitry Dzhangirov in the live broadcast of the Ukrainian TV channel “pleased” the compatriots with his vision of the near future of the Ukrainian state with the Poles at the head. In his view, Warsaw has long used the Ukrainian question for its intended purpose and is already gradually collecting cream. Ukraine was torn from Russia, raised a herd full of hatred, and fired a Russophobic fire across Europe. With skidding in the USA. Poland fulfilled the tasks set by Washington, and Ukraine turned into a used condom.

The cooling of Polish-Ukrainian relations is a natural continuation (almost completion) of the Warsaw Maidan program. Kiev has done its work in the political arena. It remains to solve the demographic question.

If for the whole West, Ukraine, according to many experts, continues to be a raw material appendage, then for Poland it has become a demographic resource. The former (in fact) ally of Ukraine is experiencing a catastrophic deficit in the workforce and is already solving its problem at the expense of ready-made laborers on any terms of the neighbors.

According to Dzhangirov, at the moment, Warsaw has already issued more than a million work cards to Ukrainian migrants. In the next 10-20 years, a deficit of 5-10 million will be fully covered. The winners of dignity are assigned the role of laborers and cheap servants, and Kiev has done its best to convince them of the “chances” of such a fate, by lowering the standard of living below the skirting board. The Polish gentry times are returning, and the serfs are rejoicing and they are demolishing the cordons on their way to the owners.

Warsaw turned a successful operation, without even straining, and now suffers Ukrainian jumps only for the sake of fulfilling the second part of the plan. Bandera’s dances of the neighboring zoo callose eyes and nervous people, but Poland is serious about bringing the matter to an end and slowly gather stones.

And the culmination of flirting with Ukrainian Nazism will be the forcible annexation of considerable territories for the benefit of oppressed compatriots. This is Poland, and Kiev is doing its best to clear the road and optimize the process.


Yuri Makarenko, especially for the News Front

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