Refugee crisis: Riots in Schorndorf

Refugee crisis: Riots in Schorndorf

Riots occurred during the last weekend festivities in the German city of Schorndorf (the federal state of Baden-Württemberg).

This was reported on Monday by the DPA agency with reference to the police representative.

On Sunday night about a thousand teenagers, mostly refugees and migrants who behaved aggressively gathered in the city park. As a result, it came to clashes with the guards of order, bottles and other items flew to the police. Several cases of bodily injury have been recorded. It is reported that groups of young people, 30-50 people in each, went around the city, some were armed with knives.

The police noted that many teenagers were in a state of intoxication.

In addition, Schorndorf’s mayor-general, Matthias Klopfer, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that “on Friday and Saturday, three cases of sexual harassment were recorded, an investigation is being conducted against Iraqis and Afghans.” Mr Klopfer clarified that there are about 700 refugees in the city.