Employees of the Kharkov plant of reinforced concrete structures ZZHBK-15 demanded the Verkhovna Rada and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to immediately restore trade and economic ties with Russia, Ukraina.ru reported.

The rally, attended by more than 500 workers and members of trade unions, took place on the territory of the plant’s production department. Activists held posters with the inscriptions “Return trade with Russia! Restore engineering!”.

The leader of the Labor Union of Slobozhanshchina, Artem Maksimov, said at a rally that the loss of markets in Russia and other CIS countries led to a mass closure of enterprises in Ukraine, and factory employees lost their jobs.

The member of the trade union of the plant Victoria Goldman noted that “practically all segments of the concrete market supplied by ZZHBK-15 have significantly reduced implementation in both value and physical expression “.

Following the meeting, a resolution was adopted demanding the Verkhovna Rada and the president to restore trade relations with Russia and other CIS countries. “This will allow our company to significantly increase the number of products, which will positively affect the budget of our city, as well as the salaries of employees of the enterprise,” the authors of the appeal noted.

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