Diplomatic Offense: Replacements for Expelled Russian Diplomats Denied US Visas

Diplomatic Offense: Replacements for Expelled Russian Diplomats Denied US Visas

Commenting on the refusal of the US to issue visas to Russian diplomats slated to replace the embassy employees who were expelled from the US in December, Russian political analyst Pavel Svyatenkov called it an offence at the diplomatic level.

The United States refuses to issue visas to Russian diplomats slated to replace embassy staff expelled in December, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Friday.

“Washington not only did not rescind the decision to expel our employees, but also refuses to issue visas to those who must travel as replacements,” Zakharova said at her weekly press briefing,

At the same time, she also expressed hope that the US will adopt a more constructive approach to resolving the diplomatic property dispute after Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump met face-to-face for the first time last week.

“We expect that now, after the summit in Hamburg on July 7, the US side will show a more constructive approach,” Zakharova surmised.

Commenting on the issue, Russian political analyst Pavel Svyatenkov called the position of the US administration a dorm of pressure on Russia.

“The ongoing diplomatic conflict between Russia and the US is a form of pressure on Russia and Russia’s Foreign Ministry. And why is it happening? Because President Trump is being forced to make excuses for his alleged “ties” with Russia, which is being constantly speculated in the US media,” he told Sputnik.

Trump is being forced to demonstrate a tough position, as well as his administration, to be able to prove that these accusations are baseless, he added.

Svyatenkov further added that if Washington does not change its position on the issue, Moscow will be forced to resort to not only justified, but necessary responsive measure.

“The symmetrical measures, the so-called “preservation of face” are very important in diplomacy. And if you take the liberty of being offensive, and such gestures are an evident offence at the diplomatic level, then you won’t be reckoned with any further,” the political analyst concluded.


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