The Syrian Army troops engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists in the Western countryside of Aleppo city and repelled their heavy attack.

The army men clashed fiercely with terrorists that attacked the positions of the pro-government forces in Jam’iyat al-Zahra from their positions in al-Lairamoun halls, services building and al-Samoun industrial furnace, and fended off the militants’ offensive.

A large number of terrorists were killed and large volumes of their military hardware were destroyed in the battle.

The terrorist groups left behind their dead members and fled the battlefield.

A leading Syrian newspaper reported on Monday that the terrorist groups’ crimes in Aleppo left over 11,000 people dead and 43,000 wounded until the city was liberated by the army late last year.

“At least 11,000 people were killed and 43,000 others injured in the terrorists’ missile and mortar attacks and crimes in Aleppo city in the past few years,” head of Aleppo’s forensics department said.

He also added that there were a sum of 2,700 corpses with unknown identity left in Aleppo city’s medical and forensics centers.

The official said that at present an average number of 150 people die in Aleppo city due to the shortage of medical equipment.

Syria has been mired in a bloody war since March 2011, with Damascus forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad fighting numerous terrorist groups.

Since the Battle of Aleppo started in 2012, the city has suffered massive destruction and has been the worst-hit city in the war.

Aleppo was eventually freed late in December 2016.  

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