For the first time in the history of the European Parliament, the word was received by Ukrainian anti-fascists and communists.

This was stated by Alexei Albu, head of the Department for Political Studies of the Post-Soviet Space of the Institute for Innovative Development.

“For the first time in the history of the European Parliament, the conflict in Ukraine was considered not one-sidedly, from the position of the Ukrainian authorities, but the position of those who did not accept the coup d’état of 2014 and is still fighting ultra-right extremism in Ukraine is presented,” he wrote on Facebook, Adding that he spoke in the European Parliament at a hearing from the faction of the united left GUE / NGL Eleonora Forenz.

According to him, well-known European politicians and public figures, MPs Javier Cousso and Tatyana Zhdanok and other friends of the Ukrainian people who understand the perniciousness of the nationalists’ policy also took part in the hearings.

The expert reminded the audience that the organizers and executors of the massacre in Odessa have not yet been punished. The fact that the Ukrainian authorities do not comply with the Minsk agreements has not yet released any political prisoners, and almost completely occupied the neutral zone.

“Today’s Ukraine is a hotbed of fascism,” Albu said.

In addition, he thanked the activists of “Banda Bassotti”.

“It is they who, from the first days of the Civil War in Ukraine, spread the truth about the atrocities of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the bombing of peaceful cities and settlements of Donbass, and the massacre in Odessa.
It’s Banda Bassotti who has been organizing antifascist caravans for several years, bringing European politicians and public figures to Donbass to see what is happening with their own eyes, ” he added.

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