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Several days ago a number of media reported on the alleged hacking of the US State Department’s official Robert Otto email.

Thousands of emails of Robert Otto, an American diplomat, were released on Pastebin and JustPasteIt a few days ago. Mr.Otto is currently working at the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research tasked with providing all-source intelligence support to U.S. diplomats and analyzing information. The hacked emails are posted as three password protected archive files.

Basing on the headers, Otto’s emails are likely to be authentic. Amid domain names matching with IP-addresses there are also some indirect features. Besides, it seems unrealistic that somebody may have faked such trove of emails.

In leaked emails, Robert Otto who is specialized in former Soviet countries exchange information with his colleagues, CIA officials and other US special services’ representatives as well as with editors from mainstream media and heads of various NGO, international foundations and expert community. They share their assessments, intelligence from the ground, confidential materials, various documents and reports. A portion of emails focuses on a U.S.-born businessman William Browder who has been confronting the Russian government for a long time.

Click here to download the Otto emails archive

link Part I
link Part II
link Part III

the archive password [email protected]

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