The case of Srebrenica was prepared by Western services and Muslim authorities in Sarajevo with the aim of satanizing the Serbs and the Serbian struggle in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian professor Mitar Kovac, head of the Eurasian Security Forum, told in the interview with News Front.

“After analyzing the documents, West intentions were clear, especially the Clinton administration, and Ali Izetbekovic, to stage a large, massive crime that will serve as an excuse for the West against acts of Serbs in the Republika Srpska Krajina in Croatia, and for the occupation of the territories of the Republika Srpska”.

Mitar Kovac has also recalled the massacres of Serbs by the forces of Nasser Oric, the commander of the troops of the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Army during the Bosnian war. Almost three and a half thousand Serbs were injured by their hands, he said.

“If not to forget about the Serbian victims near Srebrenica, any analyst knows that there was a huge potential for revenge for Bosniac forces,” says Mr Kovac.

“Srebrenica was the base of Nasser Oric’s terrorist groups, where weapons were transported, including from the Western military contingent.”

Serbs were the first to suffer from the actions of the “Islamic state”, although at that time it did not formally exist, Kovac said, answering a question about a possible parallel that can be drawn between the events in the Balkans in the 1990s and the current fight against terrorism.

Here he recalled the volunteers, the military and material support that Bosniaks received from extremist Islamic organizations, especially from the Middle East.

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