Representatives of Syrian President Bashar Assad must take full part in the inclusive discussions on Syrian post-war establishment. This was stated on Thursday by French President Emmanuel Macron after his meeting in Paris with his American counterpart, Donald Trump.

“We have one main task and it is to root out terrorists, all terrorist groups, regardless of their direction. We want to develop a long-term and inclusive political solution, and in this context I do not make Bashar Assad’s resignation a precondition for France’s involvement in “resolving the Syrian conflict,” Macron said.

He also said that “political stability in the long run” should be built in Syria. During their bilateral talks, the two presidents also agreed to form an international contact group to deal with the rebuilding of post-war Syria.

“We know what are the factors of destabilization, and these factors will be taken into account in the post-war action plan,” Macron added.

Reported by BGNES

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