Croatian portal “Index” published a story about the scandalous video “Forest Brothers”, published yesterday in NATO. There, we will remind, stands a question of struggle of inhabitants of the Baltics with “occupational” Soviet forces.

“Given the tense relations between Russia and NATO, it is not surprising that a film about the “Soviet occupation” of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia was shot in NATO. It is problematic that the video actually exalts and glorifies Waffen-SS members in the Baltics. The journalist notes that they are Nazis who committed grave war crimes.

“The Forest Brothers were founded by the 20th Waffen-SS Division,” which Hitler decided to leave in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, when the German army withdrew from there,” the material said.

British historian Rory Yemans, who deals with the Nazi issue in Croatia in World War II, also called the NATO film “dangerous” in the commentary to “Index.”

“Democratic countries in the modern era are taking collaborators from the Baltic states and Ukraine, because during the Cold War their anti-communism turned out to be useful, but we can not change history, and this is a very shameful past,” the historian believes.

“It’s about the implicated in the Holocaust, and in Eastern Europe it means pouring gasoline into an already existing fire,” the expert warns.

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