On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies captured the areas of Bir Mahruthah and Sad Abu Mahruthah, Al Juaif ,Um Rumam and Al-Ghudahat east of Al-Sis hill in the desert area east of Damascus.

Meanwhile, The Syrian Arab Air Force continued its air bombing campaign against the US backed Maghawir Al-Thwra and Assud Al-Sharqiah militant groups positions in the desert, where the SAA is working to push what’s left of US-backed militants between Suweida and Damascus. The goal is to force them to withdrew towards their base in at Tanaf.

Pro-militant sources claimed that so-called opposition forces managed to recapture Bair Mahruthah, and to destroy an SAA tank. However previous sbattles have proven that this forces have no credibility, and have no capabilities to carry out a real attack.

Earlier this week. the same groups claimed that its fighters managed to shot down a Syrian Air Force warplane and to damage a helicopter. However both opposition and pro-government sources denied these claims. The same militant groups had lied before and claimed that they recaptured Zuluf north of Suweida at least 3 times .

Meanwhile, very unconfirmed reports appeared that one of the US-backed Assud Al-Sharqiah commanders known as Abu Saddam defected oon Tuesday. An alleged photo of him with a general in the Syrian Military Intelligence was published online.

However, according to opposition sources, the photo shows a meeting aimed at supporting the process of corpses exchange.

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