The owner of the apartment in Amsterdam, which was rented by South African tourist, threw her off the stairs because she did not leave the apartment on time.

Nkumbi Sibalhe believes that the attack was unreasonable and occurred on racial grounds. She hopes that the man will be responsible for his action, but he is skeptical of the fact that this will ever happen. Doctors diagnosed a concussion.

On the frames that appeared on the web, it is evident how a man screams at Nkumbi and throws her suitcases and clothes down the stairs, after which she throws the girl. After the fall, the tourist remains motionless, and the owner in fright asks someone to call an ambulance.

Nkumbi came to Amsterdam to complete the assignment for her university in Switzerland and write an article about the art exhibition. She told that she and her friends did not have time to leave the apartment in time and asked the landlady to wait just a couple of minutes. However, she called her husband, asking him to deal with unwanted guests. The man told the girl that she was not in Africa, and began to push her out of the apartment. The prosecutor’s office is going to put a charge against him in the attempted murder.


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