The Syrian Army troops continued to hit the terrorist groups’ defense lines in Northeastern Sweida and managed to capture five strategic hills, expanding the pro-government forces’ control over vast regions in Syria’s Badiyeh (desert).

The army soldiers managed to drive terrorists out of six villages and five strategic hills in Northeastern Sweida and restored security to the entire liberated territories.

A field commander, meantime, reported that with the recent advances against the terrorists, specially after imposing control over Tal al-Asfar and its surrounding hills, the army men restored security to all the military areas and civil facilities in the region, mainly to the military airport.

The commander further said that the army forces pushed terrorists back from vast regions in a short period and chased them up to the depth of Badiyeh, adding that the army has increased its control over vast areas.

Local media reported on Tuesday that the army troops continued their anti-terrorism operation in the Southern part of the country and drove militants out of 300sq/km in Sweida province, liberating 15 towns, villages and hills.

The Syrian state news agency reported that the army troops launched their anti-terrorism operations from Northeastern Sweida and managed to impose full control over the towns an villages of Deir al-Nasrani, Rajm al-Baqar, Salman hills, al-Fadeen hills, Tal (hill) Asqar, al-Shahib, Northern and Southern hills of al-Shahib, al-Mofrateh, al-Mofrateh hill, Shanwan, al-Saqiyeh, al-Qasr, Tal Banat Ba’eir, Khebrat al-Sa’ad and Tal al-Sa’ad.

A number of terrorists were killed or wounded and their military vehicles and one of their operation rooms equipped with modern communication devices were destroyed in the attacks.

The Arabic-language Elam al-Harbi reported said that the army forces imposed control over 300sq/km land and are just 18km away from their comrades who have advanced against militants from Eastern Damascus.

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