If the European Union clearly determines the issue of Turkey’s accession, for example, it declares that Ankara can not become an EU member, this will calm the Turkish side, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in the HARDtalk program on the BBC channel.

According to him, if Ankara will clearly know that the issue of EU membership is closed, alternative plans will be used.

“That is for us, membership in the EU is not a fateful moment. Turkey is a self-sufficient country with a per capita GDP of $ 11,000, “Erdogan said.

The President expressed regret over the position of the EU leadership, which is dragging out the negotiation process with Ankara.

“Most of the population of Turkey today is against joining the European Union and does not consider the sincerity of the EU countries’ attitude towards Ankara. Turkey will remain sincere in its attitude towards the European Union. Let’s see how long this will continue, “Erdogan said.

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