The Israeli government officially offer financial support and legal coverage to Israeli terrorists who perpetrate acts of violence against the Palestinians, the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs said yesterday.

The committee said in a statement reported by Quds Press that a large number of extremists – some of whom were sentenced to life in prison for killing Palestinians – have been indicted by the Israeli judiciary and yet been given amnesty.

In the statement the committee listed names of Israeli Jewish settlers who had opened fire on Palestinians. The list included members from the Honenu organisation, run by a group of Israeli lawyers who offer legal coverage to extremist Israelis who have been convicted or are on trial for terror attacks against Palestinians.

Spokesman of the committee Hassan Abed-Rabbu accused the Israeli government of colluding with the killers of Palestinians and supporting and subsidising terror.

Abed-Rabbu was surprised at Israel’s requests to cut the salaries of Palestinian prisoners and former prisoners while supporting terror. He added that the committee would continue supporting Palestinian prisoners and freed prisoners despite Israel’s calls to halt their salaries.

The PA has already cut the salaries of hundreds of freed prisoners.

The committee drew attention to the two Israelis who carried out an arson attack on the Dawabsha home, killing three members of the family including an 18-month-old boy in 2015, and were subsequently convicted of murder and accessory to murder.

The PA has already cut the salaries of hundreds of freed prisoners.

Yoram Stenhil was found guilty of firebombing their home yet has been receiving government benefits, donations from Honenu, as well as around NIS 600,000 ($169,000) in one year.

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