German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has sent a letter to other EU member states, in which the minister requests aid in prosecuting the radical protesters who took part in anti-G20 riots in Germany’s port city of Hamburg, local media reported on Tuesday.

Anti-globalist rallies took place in Hamburg against the backdrop of the G20 summit, which was held on Friday and Saturday. Some of the demonstrations turned violent and led to clashes with the police. A total of 476 policemen were injured during the clashes.

“Please, urgently process German requests for judicial assistance in connection with the offenses committed by your nationals at the G20 summit,” the letter of Maas read, as quoted by the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper.

The minister also called for the implementation of European arrest warrants issued by Berlin.

“In the European Union, there must be no place for political violence regardless of its motives,” the letter read further.

According to police data, around 230 people were detained and almost 190 were arrested. Among those taken into custody were radicals from such countries as France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Swiss media reported earlier on Tuesday that Switzerland’s authorities were considering whether to crack down on a left-extremist group suspected of plotting violence against Swiss police as part of the investigation to capture those responsible for violence in Hamburg.

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