US Secretary of State spoke at the 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul.

Almost a year ago, the Turkish people opposed the putschists and defended democracy, said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at the 22nd World Petroleum Congress (WPC) in Istanbul.

“We highly appreciate the courage and courage of those who gave their lives on July 15, 2016,” Tillerson said, referring to the attempted coup by the terrorist Fetullah Gülen (FETÖ).

As part of the congress, Tillerson was awarded the highest award of the World Petroleum Council – the Duhurst Prize – for outstanding contributions to the development of the oil and gas industry. Tillerson, ex-head of the board of directors of the oil company ExxonMobil, became the tenth winner of this award.

Tillerson also congratulated the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Berat Albaiar on holding the congress, calling Turkey an important partner and energy hub.

According to him, in 2020, WPC will be held in the US.

The XXII World Petroleum Congress (WPC) in Istanbul will last five days.

The global information partner WPC, which traditionally attracts great interest from the largest oil and gas companies, is the agency Anadolu.

The slogan of the congress is “Bridges in the Energy Future”.

It is expected that the heads of state, representatives of more than 100 countries and about 1500 companies, about 50 ministers, heads of boards of directors of many companies, over five thousand delegates will take part in the congress. The Congress will be visited by about 20 thousand people.

Within the framework of the Congress there will be meetings devoted to the discussion of the oil and gas industry in Turkey.

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