Kiev police detained Security Service officers in city center with weapons to accuse Russia


Kiev, on July, 7th. In front of the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in the center of Kiev on Bohdan Khmelnitsky Street, the Security officials played a whole show for the previously invited television journalists.

Near the building of the opera house the police stopped a Mercedes camouflage color van and a passenger car. In both cars, as it turned out, men were driving in camouflage or sports uniforms. During the inspection in the cars found grenades, cartridges and pistols.

According to the correspondent of the FAN, the detainees behaved very calmly, some of them smiled.

The stickers “Maidan” are on cars and the sleeves of the form of detainees.

Immediately after that, there were reports of a special operation of the Security Service on the television channels of Kiev. It is said that Russian special forces have been detained, who were preparing a provocation against the nearby embassies of Poland and Germany. 

Indeed, the operation was conducted jointly by the police and Security Service of Ukraine employees.

The Security officials unofficially comment on the situation as the detention of saboteurs. Some journalists laugh – saboteurs in sports or military uniforms on camouflaged cars, stuffed with weapons, indeed, it is very difficult not to notice.

It is reported that the official commentary of the Ukrainian authorities will be given later. But no one doubts that the detainees will report that they are Russian scouts and saboteurs.


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