German Siemens AG has created a special group that will check the reports on the supplies of gas turbines to the Crimea, bypassing the sanctions. The company also promised that it will do everything possible to prevent the use of its equipment on the peninsula.

On June 19, the Foreign Ministers of the EU member states extended the sanctions for the Crimea for a year. The restrictions will be valid until June 23, 2018.
The package of measures of the European Union includes several points, in particular the ban on the supply of energy technologies to the peninsula.

The German companies immediately denied their involvement in the supply of equipment to the Crimea.

“Siemens did not supply turbines to the Crimea and complies with all export control rules,” – told Reuters Wolfram Trost, Siemens representative in Munich.

On Friday, the company published on its website an official statement on the supply of turbines to the Crimea. The document says that an investigation will be carried out after Reuters publication.

“We do not have reliable evidence that our turbines were actually delivered to the Crimea, but we are serious about these reports and set up a task force to investigate the issue that is working on clarifying the facts.” If there were any changes to the routes of recently acquired turbines in Crimea, this would be a clear violation of contractual agreements, Siemens has repeatedly warned its customers that it is working in accordance with all export control restrictions, ” – the company stressed.

Siemens also promised to prevent the use of its power equipment in the Crimea.
“Siemens has taken all possible legal measures and will take prompt action to prevent the illegal use of equipment, for example, it will not provide any supplies or services for installation, commissioning or warranty.” We will continue to cooperate fully with all stakeholders “, – said in a statement of the German company.

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