The G20 summit kicks off in the German city of Hamburg on Friday, and the first meeting between Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on the sidelines of the event will be in the spotlight, Izvestia writes. However, Moscow believes that the summit should not be reduced only to Russian-US relations as Moscow’s foreign policy goals at the G20 are more than just a single meeting between the presidents.

Chairman of the State Duma (lower house of parliament) International Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky expects plenty of differences in views may be overcome on the sidelines of the Hamburg meeting. The Syrian crisis and the war on terror will top the subjects for discussion. “I’m sure that the Hamburg meeting will help open a new constructive page in Russian-US relations,” the MP said.

Putin is also scheduled to hold a trilateral meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the Ukrainian conflict. Berlin and Paris still cannot understand Washington’s foreign policy on Ukraine and hope that the exchange of views between Putin and Trump will shed light on the future trajectory. This also refers to Syria, North Korea and other hotspots around the globe, the paper writes.

According to Valery Garbuzov, President of the Institute of the US and Canadian Studies, under a positive scenario Putin and Trump may “adopt a declaration” on the readiness for joint cooperation, which would be non-binding but would serve as a clear signal for the others.

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