The Italian prosecutor Danilo Cesareli of the EULEX mission (the EU mission in Kosovo), investigating the anti-Serb chaos on March 17, 2004, concluded that the former leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army and the then politicians of the self-proclaimed Republic.

“A group of former members of the KLA was the basis for the organization and implementation of the riots on March 17-19,” the document says, which was in the possession of the Kosovo media in the Albanian language.

The group had weapons and ammunition, most likely bought in Albania, the prosecutor adds.

In addition to this, 7-8 people from that group have to do with the attack on the car of the UN mission, the purpose of which was to intimidate international peacekeepers.

In March 2004, Kosovo and Metohija witnessed chaos, as a result of which several thousand Serbs were expelled from the province. Burned about a thousand of their homes, as well as several dozen Orthodox churches.

Recently, the formation of a war crimes court was announced in Kosovo. Commenting on this, the head of the Serbian parliamentary committee on Kosovo and Metohija, Milovan Drecun, noted that the most influential former Kosovo Albanian commanders who now hold high political positions in the self-proclaimed republic or are claiming them may be in the dock: Hashim Tachi, Ramush Haradinaj, Kadri Veseli , Fatmir Limai. Drrets expressed concern that if this “war party” comes to power following the results of early elections, criminals can get political immunity.

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