The Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria on Thursday provided residents of the mountain village Hasur in the country’s western Homs province with more than 5 tonnes of food.

Members of the center have delivered over five tonnes of food, worth 800 food packages, including rice, canned meat and pasta to the village with over 2,000 residents, center’s officer Alexander Vorontsov said.

“Hasur village is one of six settlements in Hadyah district of Homs province, the leaders of which have signed a ceasefire agreement,” Vorontsov explained.

Yet another settlement had joined the deescalation zone in Syria, the officer stressed.

“This support is extremely important for the residents of Hasur, the village is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the line of confrontation of the Syrian troops and militants, therefore food delivery of products is extremely difficult,” Hasur’s rural administration official Naji Hamad noted.

Russia has been carrying out regular humanitarian aid deliveries to Syria, where people are suffering from the consequences of ongoing fighting between government forces and terrorists, including Islamic State and the Nusra Front terrorist group, both banned in Russia.

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