Media reported on threat of new terrorist act in Brussels

“Terrorists in Brussels may be preparing a terrorist attack against the police,” Vincent Gill, head of the SLFP police union  stated on Thursday.

The fact that terrorists could prepare a terrorist attack against one of the police commissariats is evidenced by the police uniform found during the antiterrorist raid on Wednesday in Brussels.

“We continue to remain specific targets,” – quotes the head of RTL television and radio company.

However, Gill did not rule out that the terrorists intended to commit a loud incident in a public place in the guise of policemen.

On Wednesday, the Belgian prosecutor’s office detained two people,who were charged with terrorism during the searches in the Belgian capital. 

On the night of Wednesday six addresses, including in apartments and garages in the Brussels commune Anderlecht were searched. The police detained four people. Detonators, two sets of police uniforms, flak jackets, two radio stations and a police flasher were found in the hiding places of the terrorists. According to media reports, the detainees are linked to the biker club “kamikaze riders”, one of whose members was sentenced to six months in prison in 2016 for participating in the activities of the terrorist group.

The prosecutor’s office of Belgium, according to its spokesman, continues to search for the alleged terrorists, but fears the reaction of the “driven out” radicals, similar to the events of March 22, 2016, when two explosions in Brussels 23 people.

In Belgium, from March 24, 2016, there is an increased level of terrorist threat – the third of four possible. The fourth level was introduced on the day of the terrorist attacks at the airport and the Brussels metro on March 22 of the same year, and two days later it was lowered to the “three” mark, suggesting the “possible and probable” danger of the terrorist attack.