Strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS, launched from the airfield Engels near Saratov, performed a flight with refueling in the air to Syria, where the attack on the fighters attacked the latest cruise missiles Kh-101 (Russian: X-101). The targets of their air attack were the objects of ISIS on the border of the provinces of Hama and Homs. In the air missile carriers covered Su-30SM fighters, specially raised from the Russian air base Khmeimim.

According to information from the Ministry of Defense, as a result of a massive blow, three large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition were destroyed, as well as a terrorist command post in the area of the city of Akerbat. The effectiveness of the attack confirmed the data of objective control.

The Russian military department specified that the Tu-95MS crews launched high-precision missile launches from a range of about a thousand kilometers. After the successful completion of the combat mission, all our aircraft returned to the base airfields.

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