The strategic bombers Tu-95 of the Long-range Aviation of Russia’s Space Forces attacked Syria with cruise missiles the Kh-101 on the objects of militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (ISIS) banned in Russia.

As a result of the attack, three large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition were destroyed, as well as a terrorist command post in the vicinity of the town of Akerbat, which is confirmed by objective control data.

Strikes with the latest high-precision Kh-101 missiles were carried out with a range of about 1000 km. Strategic bombers covered Su-30 fighters from the air base Khmeimim. After the successful completion of the combat mission, all Russian aircrafts returned to the airfields of the basing.

The Kh-101 (in Russian: X-101) is a strategic, air-launched Russian cruise missile, manufactured using modern technology to reduce radar visibility. It can destroy a target up to 4,500 kilometers away. The Kh-101 can carry a nuclear warhead.

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