Italian farmer Dario Gambarin with the help of a tractor and a plow depicted Russian President Vladimir Putin in his field near Verona, the Italian press reported on Tuesday.

“This work was born, since the summit of the world’s strength will be held in Hamburg on July 7 and 8, 2017. And we all hope that this meeting will solve the current world problems in the sphere of economy and immigration. There are a lot to be discussed: these are disputes over Ukraine , Syria, nuclear weapons, as well as accusations of Moscow’s interference in the US elections in 2016,” the author of the portrait told journalists.

The portrait of the Russian leader in width of 135 meters can be seen only from above because of its scale, the publications note.

Pre-harvesting, Gambarin portrayed Putin in front. To the right of the portrait on the field is the artist’s signature and the inscription “G20 2017”. On the left, in Russian letters, the name “Putin” is written.

The media reminds that last year Mr Gambarin have already done similar portraits of the then contenders for the post of US President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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