The information and propaganda campaign about the alleged use of chemical weapons by Damascus is gaining momentum, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Facebook account.

“The “chemical show” is gaining momentum. Another indication that the information campaign against Damascus has begun is a report on “the use of poison gas in East Ghouta”. A piece of paper, drawn up according to all the rules of Western press services, fixes the beginning of the “chemical attack” and condemns it,” the diplomat wrote.

Zakharova noted that another statement about the alleged use of chlorine by the Syrian authorities is written in “flawless English.”

“It is in this language the resolutions of the Security Council and other international documents are written,” she added.

According to her, “this is not spoken English, not formal, it is the language of international legal communication.” These very phrases will later be offered by Western colleagues for work, for example, for the statement of the chairman of the Security Council condemning “chemical attacks of the regime against civilians,” she wrote.

On Sunday, Zakharova said that propaganda campaign had been launched in the foreign mass media over Damascus’ alleged use of chemical weapons.

“As we warned several days ago, a propaganda campaign over ‘Damascus’ using chemical weapons’ has been launched. There will be more and more such video footages. They will be of various quality – from cheapjack to Hollywood-level,” she wrote on Facebook.

“There will be a lot of fake reports,” she warned. “The campaign is promising to be large-scale.”

On July 1, a spokesman for the Syrian Armed Forces said that reports about the alleged use of chlorine gas by the Syrian army against the terrorists from the Failak Ar-Rahman group near Damascus are fake.

“The command of the Syrian Armed Forces, refutes these slanderous statements, stressing that the Syrian army has never used chemical weapons against militant groups in the past and will not do it now, since it does not possess chemical warheads,” the Syrian representative said in a statement.

On Friday, the Syrian government forces, pursuing militants in the East Ghouta, seized advantageous positions in the Ayn-Terma area near Damascus.

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