Republika Srpska (autonomy within Bosnia and Herzegovina) strongly needs the Russian humanitarian center, similar to the one which is currently operating in Serbia, says military and political analyst, retired Colonel Popovic from Banja Luka. He told about it in the Internet portal “Vostok”.

“This center serves people in emergency situations. Rather than encouraging cooperation with this center of all countries in the region, to seek joint solutions, to conduct training in order to work together in emergency situations when, under the threat of citizens’ lives, we see information attacks from the US and NATO against this Center.

The center needs to be developed. It is necessary that there were the most experienced people that Russia will send to help our region. And we must do everything to adequately accept this gesture of goodwill on the Russian part.”

Also Popovich said that it would be good to create a similar center in the Republika Srpska.

“I would like the agencies in Republika Srpska to turn to Russia and ask to create such a center or sub-center subordinate to the Serbian one, so that Republika Srpska would be in the system of protection from emergencies and weather disasters.”

The Russian-Serbian humanitarian center of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations is located in the city of Nis. Russian rescuers help their local colleagues in case of dangerous situations and natural disasters, as well as in the clearance of the post-war territory. Despite clearly stated directions of work, the US ambassador in Serbia recently made a scandalous statement that this is in fact a hidden military base and a “spy center”. His words caused a storm of indignation, even in Belgrade itself.

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