Anatoliy Hrytsenko, the former Defense Minister of Ukraine said that it is necessary to respond for every car bomb attack in Kiev or Mariupol with acts of terrorism in Russia – “in Taganrog and Moscow”.

He said that there is a war between Ukraine and Russia, which is expressed in the murders committed in Kiev. Hrytsenko said that the deaths of Maxim Shapoval, the former intelligence officer of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and Yuri Voznyi, the Colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine are not the first “indicative and brazen murder of Ukrainian officers,” Vesti-Ukraine reports.

“If this is really a war and not a play for the president, it means that for every car that explodes in Kiev or Mariupol, two should explode in Taganrog or Moscow,” Hrytsenko said.

Last week the Ukrainian Colonel Maxim Shapoval died of the explosion of the Mercedes car in the Solomenskiy district of Kiev. On the same day a car, in which were officers of the Security Service, including Yuri Voznyi, was exploded in the Donetsk region.

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