Russia has presented to the countries interested in the easing of tensions on the Korean peninsula a plan that stipulates abandoning the further escalation of the situation and gradual easing of tensions, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in an interview with the Izvestiya newspaper.

“We have specific ideas in the form of a certain plan that we shared with the participants of this process,” he said. “We suggest the US should abandon the vicious logic of escalation when a step from one side is followed by a counter-step that increases, as is supposed, the pressure on the opposite side.”

Ryabkov added that “it is necessary to freeze the situation, achieve some kind of status quo and then advance under the methods of step-by-step easing of tensions and increasing dynamics in the search of political solutions. “The diplomats, including American diplomats, are well aware of this technique,” the Russian deputy foreign minister specified.

He noted that direct neighborhood with China is one of the major reasons of Russia’s attention to this problem. “If there is a political will from the US side, many things can be achieved together,” the diplomat stressed.

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