An active participant of the Orange Revolution, Yevgeny Chervonenko, said that during the shootings on Maidan, fire on Interior Ministry officers and protesters was conducted from buildings that were controlled by Maidan supporters.

He made this statement on air of the program 16+

In particular, Chervonenko said: “Maidan supporters started shooting from “Ukraine” and “Kazatsky” hotels. I have a sniper experience, and I saw where from the shooting was conducted. And if you need to, there are tracers on the stele, and the first 200’s (the dead) and the 300’s (the wounded ones) were from the Berkut”.

Earlier, Maidan activist Vladimir Venchak, who received six injuries during the events in Kiev on February 20, 2014, during a Berkut case hearing said that he was shot from the side of the hotel “Ukraine” building.

At the same trial, another activist of the Maidan, Andrei Navalyan, said in his testimony that law enforcers were shot from the Conservatory, and in particular, MP Vladimir Parasyuk was there.

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