The fake of the Ukrainian media about a “Knocked-out Russian tank” was exposed in the DPR. Earlier, the Ukrainian outlet “Obozrevatel” published the news about the allegedly damaged “Russian tank” near Avdeevka.

The fake also was published by the Ukrainian “Podrobnosti”. News-Front source in the Donetsk People’s Republic exposed the “news” for the obvious reasons. Neither place, nor the time of the year does coincide with the submitted information on the photos presented in the Ukrainian media. On the ground, the grass is not green, which clearly speaks of another time of the year.

Also, according to the source, the shooting of the Ukrainian report was conducted, presumably, in the area of the settlement of Peski near Donetsk occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian media, the tank was “hit” under Avdeevka, occupied by the Ukrainian army.

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