Spanish Civil Guards have arrested a man of Syrian origin who is suspected of spending two years fighting for the Islamic State (IS) in Syria, Interior Ministry said Saturday.

The 29-year-old, whose name initials are A.S, is described as being of “Danish nationality, but Syrian origin”. The ministry said he was arrested on Friday afternoon in southern Spanish city of Malaga.

The detainee’s mobile devices are now being investigated and he is being questioned in order to determine what his intentions were in Spain and whether he has any contacts in the country, according to the ministry.

The arrest brings the total number of jihadists arrested in Spain since the start of 2015 to 224.

On Friday, a judge in Mallorca sent four suspected jihadists arrested on the island into preventive custody after explaining he had reasons to believe one of them was planning a bloodbath in the town of Inca similar to what happened recently on London Bridge.

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