Deir ez-Zor may be left without water over Daesh dam construction

The Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor may be left without fresh water over the construction of a dam on the Euphrates River by Daesh terrorist group (IS/ISIS/ISIL) and face a terrible humanitarian catastrophe.

“The residents of the city, who have already been under the siege of terrorists for a long time, are under a new threat. As soon as terrorists finish the construction of an improvised dam, the town will face a full-scale humanitarian catastrophe. People will be left without water,” the source said.

The source noted that the United Nations and other humanitarian agencies should pay special attention to the situation in the besieged city.

“Unfortunately, we do not see a relevant reaction from international community and, in particular, from the participants of the Humanitarian Access Task Force [of the International Syria Support Group]. It is necessary to unite not only for accusations of barbaric actions of IS, but also to find a solution to this humanitarian problem,” the source concluded.


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