Terrorists attack Lebanese patrols at refugees’ camp on border with Syria

Suicide bombers of the Islamic State terrorist group (outlawed in Russia) attacked patrols of Lebanese troops on the border with Syria on Friday, a spokesman for the republic’s Armed Forces said.

The terrorists carried out raids as the Lebanese army inspected the Syrian refugees’ camp Nur in the outskirts of the frontier town of Arsal, to the northeast of Beirut.

Seven soldiers were wounded in these attacks and were sent to hospital by a helicopter.

The border area in the hard-to-reach mountainous site, where the camp is located, has been blocked by the army. The Lebanese military continue searching for the terrorists and their accomplices. They have killed five gunmen, who put up resistance during the detention. The weapons and explosives have been seized.

According to preliminary information, more than 200 people, who are suspected of links with the armed groups, have been arrested.