On the eve, to the Internet came sensational documents that prove the involvement of the Ukrainian Air Force of Ukraine to the Malaysian Boeing-777, shot down over the territory of Donbass.

Data was published by the newspaper “Top Secret”. In particular, the publication showed a map of the flight of a combat aircraft of the Air Force of Ukraine, flying over the Donbass on the day of the tragedy.

From the published data it follows that the plane of the Ukrainian pilot took off from the airfield in the city of Chuguev of the Kharkov region and headed south-east. Note that the trajectory of the flight of the Voloshin fighter intersects with the route of the wrecked over the Donbass  Malaysian Boeing. The newspaper “Top Secret”, conducting the investigation, does not claim that the passenger plane was shot down by Voloshin, but urges “to carefully study the submitted documents.”

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