The US Senate is highly likely to pass a bill on anti-Russian sanctions despite image losses, Head of Russia’s Federation Council (upper house of parliament) International Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev told reporters.

“[Judging] by the rapid submission of technical amendments to the odious bill on expanding anti-Russian sanctions, the US Senate is determined to get this bill through in spite of the image losses,” he said.

Kosachev added that the bill is, above all, an attack on US President Donald Trump. “This is, firstly, an attack against Trump and, secondly, against Iran and Russia, there is no doubt about that. The standoff between the US president and parliament continues, in which, alas, the end justifies the means,” the senator emphasized.

According to Kosachev, this standoff triggers concern, since the US is a superpower. “There is no doubt that Russia, Iran or other countries and regions that have become hostage to the US internal political strife will never agree with the situation where their own interests, as well as the interests of global security and cooperation, are ignored so blatantly,” he added.

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