During the visit to France, Petro Poroshenko insisted that Anna Yaroslavna was primarily Ukrainian (as the director of the Alexandrovka school said very rightly, the princess was at the same time an ancestor of Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians). And he continued to beg for sanctions against Russia and the European countries participating in the Nord Stream-2 project (considered revenge of Moscow) and money for Ukraine, which is plunging into the abyss every day.

Poroshenko should do this as a priority if he does not want the country to collapse completely in the near future. And to save it clearly will not work with the help of odd laws, which they bungled together with Turchinov.

Looking at the sensational bill on the reintegration of Donbass, along with the desire to scratch the back of the head, the question arises: did not we get into a madhouse? After several weeks of arguments about his filling and contradictory statements on the part of Turchinov (advocated war) and Poroshenko (trying to pretend that he wants to save the Minsk process), specific elements of the future bill have finally flowed into the Ukrainian press.

It should be said that they are confusing. To begin with, the uncontrolled zones of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (that is, the DPR and the LPR) will be declared an “occupied territory”, but the invader country will not be called directly in the law.

That is, this territory is occupied, but by someone incomprehensible, some non-existent or fictitious country … Maybe by the aliens? Hard to understand with Kiev … In addition, ATO is no longer an antiterrorist operation, but a war. But with whom? Again a riddle … After a phantom threat – a ghost invader.

Minsk agreements will be noted in the law as the preferred (ie peaceful) solution. But this immediately raises the problem, because they do not say a word about the invasion of the country-occupier. There is a contradiction with the first point of the bill.

I wonder how this will differ from what it is doing now? The murder of 10,000 civilians by the Ukrainian army in three years is what? A fight on the pillows?

Cherries on the cake were statements of Ukrainian politicians to justify this “hybrid” law (I would rather call it curved and contradictory), which should help Ukraine find the answer to the “hybrid” war in the Donbass (another notion where it is not clear what is meant).

“You see, if we wrote that the invader was Russia and imposed martial law, we would declare war on the Russian Federation. We do not want this at all [nothing like this: this is what a number of Ukrainian neo-Nazi politicians and deputies want to say that they will easily reach Moscow, although their other colleagues are not inclined to start a direct clash with the real Russian army at all, which, according to Poroshenko, have been held back for three years by the Ukrainian troops]. Officially, there is no regular Russian army, but only invaders, from which we must liberate our territory,” said one of the deputies who created the “hybrid law”.

In addition, he gave the true reason for the renaming of the ATO: Ukraine still wants to get US arms supplies (it already gets it, but everything is limited to a small caliber, whereas Kiev needs heavy weapons).

“Now we have agreed with the United States, and they are basically ready to supply us with weapons. But they say: “Listen, how can we send you Javelin, if you are conducting an anti-terrorist operation?”, said this deputy from Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s party.

The entanglement of the bill and the fact that the martial law will be imposed only locally are designed to create conditions for the transfer of American weapons without jeopardizing the financing of the IMF (the Fund can not provide funds for the country’s war) and without giving Russia a beautiful casus belli.

Anyone who has at least some common sense realises that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a great hoax: one of the MPs working on the bill openly says that there is no Russian army in the Donbass and that they do not want to create a legal pretext for its appearance. But if there is no Russian army in the Donbass, who is the “occupant” then? Militias, 99% of whom were born in the Donbass? They were born here and protect their land. They could not invade and occupy it. This perfectly illustrates the absurdity or even abnormality of this bill.

And, to be honest, if you look at the current state of the Ukrainian army, a real war (not just provocation) in the Donbass to recapture the territory seems to be a complete utopia. Such laws testify to the complete separation of the Ukrainian authorities from reality.

The Ukrainian army has to deal with suicides, mass desertions, clashes of neo-Nazi battalions with regular troops and the death of high-ranking officers. In addition, it lacks everything, even the simplest things.

So, the most pro-Ukrainian site censor.net.ua published just an amazing article. A group of volunteers call to help soldiers in the ATO zone by sending them: washing powder, socks (one thousand pairs), T-shirts, bandanas, coffee and tea, headlamps (for doctors), basins, pans and even vegetables for borscht!

This is the situation in (the professional, I would like to remind) the army. Soldiers have to beg for food and clothes in newspapers. And, therefore, the army in this condition has been holding back Russian forces for three years and preventing them from invading Europe, according to Petro Poroshenko …

Instead of blaming the USSR for all the rampant corruption in the country (the Soviet Union, of course, is guilty of all the sins, the interesting fact is that Ukraine exists precisely because of it), Poroshenko should have followed his own rear, where Yulia Tymoshenko is ready for everything to hold early elections (she, of course, expects to win and take Poroshenko’s place). She even claims that if such elections are not held, the country will cease to exist by 2019.

Whatever the case, the prediction of the “gas princess” can come true even more quickly if Ukraine will continue to persist in its madness, accepting fiction and nonsense for reality.

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