The US media campaign against the Syrian government may be a sign of the upcoming US-led intervention in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry believes.

“The campaign, which was started by the US and is being backed by London and Paris, on the alleged chemical attack that is claimed to be prepared by Damascus, is not original, it’s a textbook script, which has already been used in several countries in the region,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, according to RT. “The current information attack is very likely a warning sign of an intervention. The story will be the same: an incident happens on the territory controlled by the terrorists, civilian casualties follow. The so-called opposition – de facto the same jihadists, not very different from IS [ISIS] and Al-Qaeda, but who are still getting help from the US and allies – announce yet another ‘crime by the regime.”

Zakharova recalled the 2013 case when “a provocation with the alleged use of chemical weapons became an excuse for a [potential] direct Western intervention in Syria. The situation was salvaged only by Russia’s decisive stance.”

She added that out Sarrakab and Ar-Riha are potential locations for false flag incidents.

“The situation seems to be a massive provocation, both military and information-wise, a provocation which targets not only the Syrian leadership, but also Russia.”

On Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis claimed that the Syrian government had not carried out another chemical attack only because of the White House warning not to do it earlier this week.

“It appears that they took the warning seriously,” Mattis told reporters, according to Reuters. “They didn’t do it.“

However, he offered no evidence that the Syrian government had been preparing some chemical attack in Syria.

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