The US Department of Defense is going to reconstruct and re-erect a number of facilities on the territory of Ukraine. Specifically, it is about the reconstruction of the military hospital in Kropivnitsk (Kirovograd region), as well as the construction of a center for displaced persons in Khmelnitsky. Contracts involve the creation of full-scale rehabilitation centers, including opportunities for restoring motor activity, as well as repair and renovation of outpatient facilities and equipment.

From 100 to 250 thousand dollars is expected to spend for each contract. It is noteworthy in this regard that if, in the course of assisting Kiev, the specialized departments of the United States build or update something through appropriate funding through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) or grants from the State Department, now the Ministry of Defense is directly the customer.

And not just the Ministry of Defense, but the Engineering Command of the Navy, responsible for the region of Europe, Africa and South-West Asia, with headquarters in Italy’s Naples.

As the experts note, the involvement of the US Navy Engineering Department in the renovation and construction of hospitals and centers for displaced persons in Ukraine can be indicative of the fact that the US Armed Forces and NATO as a whole are preparing a logistical base for more active involvement of their own units in the region and that the Kiev authorities, with the help of their foreign patrons, decided to update the material and technical base and the rear infrastructure on the eve of some events that could, apparently, lead to refugee flows, displaced persons and the wounded from the front line.

It should be noted at the same time that part of the political establishment of the United States, which is anti-Russian, constantly raises the question of granting Ukraine not only assistance in rear issues, as in the case of the repair of military hospitals, but also in the field of the transfer of lethal weapons. One of the last such attempts was in March, during the layout of the US defense budget, when a corresponding request was made by the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives of the Congress.

The $ 150 million declared in the document was eventually included in the budget and should be made available to the Secretary of Defense and the US Secretary of State to provide assistance in preparing and acquiring equipment and weapons. This also applies to intelligence, which can help the Ukrainian army and the security forces of the country. The document thus excludes the use of money for the supply of MANPADS systems.

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